Our Focus is YOU

We understand that people get pierced for a myriad of reasons.  For some of our clients, getting a new piercing is a way of giving themselves a gift.  For others, their new piercing is a way to celebrate a transition in their lives.  Regardless of your purpose, we know that a positive, friendly, fun visit to our shop is essential to getting everything that you desire out of a piercing or jewelry purchase.

It starts with piercers who place a tremendous value on the piercing experience.  

Jef and Laura are here to help you get the most from your time spent with us.  Having been trained by (and worked closely with) Fakir Musafar, we have learned to appreciate the magic in our clients' journeys.

Fakir Musafar, father of the Modern Primitive Movement

Fakir Musafar, father of the Modern Primitive Movement

Fakir has said “Ritual, if it’s valid and has real magic in it, is truly transformative. You are not the same person you were before the ritual. So many people want transformation, they want to be freed and cleared of old stuff. When I did piercings commercially in San Francisco I would ask people, ”why are you getting pierced?” and to my surprise... I got real answers. They were creating their own initiations, their own rituals. Almost everybody had a good reason for doing what they were doing. It wasn’t a hollow thing.”

We encourage you to talk to us about every aspect of your piercing so we can deliver the best experience possible.